There are many women who are fond of artificial jewelry because there is nothing that can beat the artsy and gorgeous look of the artificial jewelry. Since they are not made of pure metals, it becomes more important that you take extra care of them. So, to help you guys we have listed some simple tips to take care of artificial jewelry.

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1. Store your jewelry carefully

Store your jewelry carefullyImage source:

This simple tip can really help you in keeping your jewelry safe and in good condition for a longer period of time. You can opt for a nice box and then, store your jewelry in it by placing a nice layer of cotton on and beneath the jewelry to protect from dust and other damage.

2. Remove your jewelry when you have no use

 Remove your jewelry when you have no useImage source:

It is a very important point that one should keep in mind. Always remove the jewelry at the end of the day and avoid sleeping with them as it can damage your skin by causing a scratch and green marks. So, it is advised to remove them when you have no use.

3. Keep them dry and clean

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Always keep your jewelry clean and dry. Whether it is a ring, bracelet or a necklace, always try to keep them away from chemical products, perfume, oil or even water as it can damage your jewelry. So, always make sure that you remove jewelry before you wash your hands with water or apply lotions. This simple tip will help in limiting the greenish traces that artificial jewelry leaves on the skin.

4. Best way to clean

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If you wish to clean your artificial jewelry then, it is suggested that you should always use warm water and mild detergent if required.

5. Avoid cleaning a broken piece

Avoid cleaning a broken pieceImage source:

It is suggested that you should avoid cleaning damaged or broken pieces of artificial jewelry as it will only make it more damaged. So, avoid cleaning them.

So, these were the few tips to take care of artificial jewelry.