Believe it or not, summers are bad for diabetics in more than one way. ‘The rising mercury can trigger a number of health problems that make it difficult for one to manage the condition effectively,’ says Dr Pradeep Gadge, diabetologist, Shreya Diabetes Centre, Mumbai. However, here are five things a diabetic can do to stay fit this summer:

Drink more water: Lack of adequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration during summer. And diabetics have an increased risk of suffering from dehydration due to high blood glucose level. ‘This coupled with gastroenteritis, a condition that diabetics suffer from due to low immunity, just makes matters worse,’ says Dr Gadge. So, drinking two to three litres of water throughout the day becomes therapeutic for diabetics in hot and humid conditions. Know if diabetes can add honey to their mix of warm water and lemon.

Say no to aerated beverages: Sipping them to quench thirst isn’t a good option either. ‘It could lead to common cold or sore throat due to low immunity. For someone suffering from bronchitis, the condition might just get aggravated and need treatment. Since steroids are used to treat the condition this makes the existing diabetes unmanageable,’ says Dr Gadge. The same rule applies to alcoholics and smokers who are diabetic. Here is why drinking alcohol can be dangerous for an alcoholic.

Stay indoors often: It is best to remain indoors from 11 am to 3 pm for diabetics who also suffer from skin allergies. ‘Even minor skin infections or allergies can flare up if exposed to the harsh sun rays and this is very common,’ says Dr Gadge. Wearing long sleeves cotton clothes and using an umbrella can be of help while roaming around in the hot sun. Here are seven warning signs a diabetic should watch out for.

Go for regular eye check-up: ‘Most people suffering from diabetes often have a pre-existing condition like diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. With these conditions a person is prone to get a seasonal eye infection like say conjunctivitis or other infections,’ says Dr Gadge. So missing on a scheduled eye check-up during summer can be perilous. Here are some eye-care tips for diabetes.

Keep a tab on blood sugar levels: No matter the season, keeping blood sugar levels in control is important. ‘People using an insulin pump should be more cautious. Many times they leave their insulin pumps in the car for long hours which damages the device. Using a damaged device albeit unknowingly makes the sugar levels soar,’ says Dr Gadge. Either be careful while using these handy devices or stay safe by doing regular blood tests.

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Published: April 12, 2018 10:26 am