Sugar has come to be known as sweet poison in the current context. There are a lot of myths about sugar, salt and more importantly, consumption of these items. While some say that cutting down on sugar s quite beneficial, there are others who absolutely hog on sweets and sugary beverages.

We ask Dr Roshani Gadge, Diabetologist, Gadge Diabetes Centre to bust top three ‘sugar-myths’.

So, what are the 3 most common myths regarding sugar? 

#1: Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar. 

Fact- During the sugar cane refining process when sugar crystals (table sugar) are produced, a common residual sticky syrup, called molasses is formed.

Brown sugar is the sugar crystal that have retained some of those molasses, which is what gives brown sugar its signature color. In fact, brown sugar is the same as white sugar with some molasses, so if you could refine it further, you would get your standard white, table sugar.

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#2: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

Fact- This is very commonly heard! Both types of diabetes are caused by a mix of genetics and environmental factors, but a sugary diet cannot directly cause it (alone).Eating sugar does not cause diabetes; it’s a complicated problem involving your pancreas and metabolism. Read why excess sugar is bad for you!

‘When you have diabetes, you don’t produce enough insulin. Insulin helps the glucose get absorbed into your bloodstream and liver as usable energy. You are more likely to develop diabetes if you are overweight or obese, because extra fat can lead to insulin resistance. This makes a diet heavy in sugar an indirect, rather than a direct cause of type 2 diabetes.’

#3: Organic (Raw) sugar is healthier than table sugar.

Fact- Raw sugar is created when sugarcane juice is boiled. This leaves some molasses in the product and gives the sugar its signature golden color. Table sugar results from sugarcane juice that is boiled several times, a process that removes all of the molasses from the juice, hence its white color. Raw sugar looks like it should be healthier than refined white sugar but raw sugar has only traces of minerals (white has none). Both have the same number of calories.

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Published: May 6, 2018 11:07 am | Updated:May 6, 2018 11:11 am