For a long time, clove oil has not been a strange option in treatment. Extracted from the essential oil of cloves, this solution impresses the world with its power. However, even though the benefits of clove oil are officially recognized, not many people know exactly about all of the oil advantages and how to use clove oil. How pity it is if this wonderful solution is overlooked when you need health treatment. With numerous uses in various health problems, clove oil should be one of the very first options that cross your mind. Thus, will suggest a wide range of clove oil benefits and tips on how to use clove oil for a toothache, bad breath, pe, cancer, and more which will be definitely useful for you in your daily life.

26 Natural Tips How To Use Clove Oil For Toothache, Bad Breath, PE, Cancer, & Health

I. Clove Oil – What Exactly Is It?

Clove is known as an evergreen tree that originally got found in Indian and China. The ancient civilizations used the flower buds produced by clove extensively due to the fact that it offered numerous medicinal properties. This clove bud has a head and a shaft, and hence it gets the name clavus in Latin, which means nail. When the benefits of clove oil were unveiled during the 7th and 8th centuries, it started to spread to the rest of the world, such as Europe. Up to now, the clove is in favor in many Chinese and Indian dishes.

It is believed that antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antiviral, and stimulating properties of clove oil contribute to its healing power [1]. Eugenol acetate (10.79%) and 3-Allyl-6-methoxyphenol i.e. m-Eugenol (69.44%) found in essential oil offers a wide range of medical benefits, according to a study about the chemical composition and medicinal properties of clove bud [2]. The oil is applied for treating a huge number of health disorder including indigestion, cough, toothaches, asthma, stress, blood impurities, and headache. The most common and important benefit of clove oil is transferred to dental care. Several mouthwashes, toothpaste, and oral care medications include clove oil as an essential ingredient. The minerals and vitamin contained in clove oil are also impressive, from calcium, hydrochloric acid, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, and vitamin A, as well as vitamin C. A study about clove by a group of scientists in Brazil concluded that clove oil is a splendid source of antioxidant compounds [3]

It may take days to list out all the benefits of clove oil and tips on how to use clove oil for health and other purposes. For quite a few problems, clove oil is considered as one of the natural healing agents. When it comes to contemporary pain in the body, this essential oil can act as a numbing agent or even inflammation and pain reliever. The benefits of clove oil, in other words, tips on how to use clove oil, can also include the protection against oral infection and toothache pain reliever. Clove oil also contains a number of antioxidants; which means that a small amount of clove oil consumed or applied to the skin can decrease chronic condition, and oxidative stress [4]. To make you understand more about how the clove oil can benefits our health, each of the advantages will be explained in detail in the next part.

II. How To Use Clove Oil For Toothache, Bad Breath, PE, Cancer, & Health Problems

The benefits of clove oil for health are vast. They include supporting the health of the liver, skin, mouth, and hair. Below, there are several common ways that clove oil is applied medicinally today.

1. Infections

how to use clove oil

Proved to have a lot of antiseptic properties, so this oil is very effective for wound, cuts, scabies, fungal infections, bruises, athlete’s foot, prickly heat, and also other types of injuries treatment. It can also be applied for treating insect stings and bites. It is an essential oil that is extremely strong in nature and therefore, should always be made use of in diluted form. One thing to remember is that people with uncommonly sensitive skin should not try to use this clove oil to prevent the side effects.

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2. Dental Care

As mentioned before in the very first part, the most well-known benefit of the amazing clove oil is in the dental care. Germicidal properties included in this oil make it very valuable for relieving dental pain such as a toothache, mouth ulcers, and sore gums. The compound eugenol found in clove oil also has been used in the treatment of dentistry for many years. It is proved that rinse your mouth with diluted clove oil can help in easing throat irritation and pain. The characteristic smell of this wonderful clove oil is also useful in eliminating bad breath. Clove is also a perfect shield against cavities. The traditional India people often added clove oil into a small cotton ball before putting at the end of their tooth which had the cavity. This habit was practiced daily before going to sleep, and the cavity would disappear in just a few days. For that reason, clove oil is added to various dental products and medications, for example, toothpaste and mouthwash. Dentists also find it effective to mix clove oil with zinc oxide to prepare a white and also filling material as a short-term alternative to the root canal. But keep in mind that because this solution is strong enough to cause burns inside the mouth if used incorrectly, you should always be careful and had better ask your doctor in advance.

Recent studies, as well as the careful consideration of the clove oil power, have led to the fact that clove oil is applied as a comforting balm on infants, especially those are teething. With extremely diluted form, this oil can be used to a baby’s gums. The soothing and antiseptic qualities of the powerful oil can ease all the pain and reduce the discomfort. It can be said that the dental care is one of the most crucial ways on how to use clove oil for teeth health.

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3. Toothaches

A well-known remedy for toothaches is one of the most common benefits of clove oil. This use of the oil for toothaches was documented first in the French “Practice of Physic” in the 1960s even though there is evidence to believe that this homeopathic were being applied for over 2,000 years by the Chinese.

Today, clove oil is widely acknowledged as a trustworthy solution for relieving the pain as well as discomfort associated with some dental disorders and also for dry socket.

The Journal of Dentistry, for instance, in 2006 published a study proving that the clove essential oil offered the same stunning result as benzocaine, a common topical agent used before needle insertion. As a consequence, it is possible for you to use clove oil on infants by mixing it with coconut oil and then rubbing it on the gums for the teething purpose.

Furthermore, research has recommended that clove oil provides much more far-reaching effects. The Indian Department of Public Health Dentistry recently has shown a study that assessed clove’s ability to slow down tooth decalcification (or also known as “dental erosion”) compared to eugenyl-acetate, fluoride, eugenol, and a control group.

It is surprising to know that the clove oil not only led the pack by “extensively” decreasing decalcification but also remineralized teeth. These ways on how to use clove oil for a toothache have been observed for a long time before officially being recognized. This study underlines, but again, that the supposed benefits of fluoridating the water supply and also mainstream dental products are actually not worth the risk.

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4. Skincare

It will be a mistake if skin care is not mentioned as one the benefits of clove oil. Actually, not many people know how to use clove oil for skin care. This essential oil is highly recommended for skin care, particularly for acne patients. To get the best effects, the oil is suggested to be applied in liquid form and then, spread on a tidy, dry rag. Clove oil can be found in many products used for lessening the impacts of aging, like sagging skin, wrinkles, and facial reconstruction for the eyes thanks to its stimulating and rejuvenating properties. These properties are believed to encourage blood flow to the unhealthful skin and make the skin look young again!

In order to assess the effectiveness of clove oil as an antibacterial agent, some of the researchers from the University of Buenos Aires conduct a study to decide which bacteria are the most sensitive one to clove’s potency [5]. Based on the result achieved from their study, clove oil possesses the greatest anti-microbial power over E. coli and exerted significant influence over Staph aureus which produces acne as well as Pseudomonas aeruginosa which leads to pneumonia.

To achieve one of the best benefits of clove oil as acne eliminating, take 3 drops of clove oil and mix with 2 tsp of raw honey. Combine and use that mixture to wash your face every day. Tea tree oil is also a proper replacement for clove oil. That is another natural tip on how to use clove oil.

5. Immune System

how to use clove oil

It has been proved that both clove and also clove oil are extremely useful for improving the immune system. Its ability to purify blood and antiviral properties increase the resistance to a variety of diseases and illness because the antioxidants found in clove essential oil forage the body of risky free radicals that lead to a collection of diseases such as heart disease and also certain types of cancer.

6. Stress

Out of various ways on how to use clove oil for health, solving stress may be most common. Due to the fact that it is aphrodisiac in nature, clove oil can serve as a brilliant stress reliever. It has a motivating influence on the mind and eliminates mental fatigue and exhaustion. When ingested in suitable amounts, it can help refresh the mind and promotes brain function. It also encourages sleep and is surprisingly helpful to patients who have to suffer from insomnia. Clove oil is also very helpful for treating neural disorders, for example, memory loss, anxiety, and depression.

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7. Headache

Headache treatment will be the next benefits that clove oil offer to our health. When this essential oil is mixed with salt and then, applied on the forehead, this solution will provide a cooling effect and help to get relief from headaches. In addition, clove oil contains some flavonoids within it that play a role as anti-inflammatory agents. When it is applied to the temples and neck, the anti-inflammatory quality will reduce the inflammation as well as the tension that often lead to headaches. Clove oil is also applied as a pain reliever on most parts of the body, such as joints or overworked muscles, to deliver some relief from swelling or painful inflammation. Now, you can know clearly how to use clove oil for your headache, can’t you?

8. Respiratory Problems

Another suggestion on how to use clove oil is to solve the respiratory problems. Because clove oil possesses an anti-inflammatory and cooling effect, it is frequently applied to empty the nasal passage. Many people believe that this expectorant is a practical treatment for a huge number of respiratory disorders including colds, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. It is also traditionally recommended that chewing a clove bud will help to soothe sore throats.

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9. Sty

Both clove and also clove oil are proved to be very efficient home remedies for sty treatment. For anyone who doesn’t know about this symptom, the sty is an inflammation happening on the eyelash. It causes a very irritating and sorrowful condition. Moreover, the sty is not only hurting, but also leads to many difficulties in the proper performance of the eye. One more thing you should know about the benefits of clove oil is its ability to cure eye infections. It is believed that the antibacterial qualities allow clove oil to be protective against other eye infections because a study by the College of Science and Technology has proved that clove oil displayed inhibitory effect against all types of bacteria [6]. That is also what we would like to share with you in the article about how to use clove oil for health.

10. Earache

Not many people know that earache treatment is one of many ways on how to use clove oil. A mixture of sesame oil and warm clove oil is a perfect remedy for earaches. Studies show that the source of the beneficial additive of the powerful essential oil actually comes from the clove flower, not the bud.

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11. Indigestion

Clove oil has always been helpful for the treatment of many stomach-related problems like hiccups, flatulence, motion sickness, and indigestion. For that reason, clove oil is also one of the most common and important spices that are added to a wide range of Indian dishes. This power is once again created by the vigorous effects of eugenol. It is one of the key functional parts of the clove essential oil.

12. Nausea

Clove oil is surprising effective in lessening nausea and vomiting. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use clove oil for pregnancy-related morning discomfort and sickness. Using this oil irregularly in aromatherapy or topically putting it on your pillows at night for continuing inhalation can bring about these positive effects.

13. Blood Circulation

how to use clove oil

Blood circulation is also one of the benefits of clove oil. It helps increase your body’s metabolism by boosting blood circulation as well as lessening body temperature. A growth in blood circulation normally means a drop in the blood vessels intensity, a problem commonly related to tension headaches. Moreover, increased circulation will enhance the oxygenation of the organ and blood systems, which expansions metabolism and also raises organ efficiency. Lastly, in terms of diabetes, enhanced blood flow can help avoid some of the most serious side impacts of that horrible disease that can result in major amputations, complications, and even death. Eugenol is the dynamic ingredient in clove oil that leads to the stimulation of blood circulation.

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14. Blood Purification

Beside blood circulation, clove oil is also helpful in purifying the blood. Many studies have proved that the aroma extracts found in clove oil can actually decrease the toxicity in the blood as well as motivate antioxidant activity throughout our body, thereby enhancing the immune system and also purifying platelets.

15. How To Use Clove Oil For Premature Ejaculation

Research has shown that clove oil can be suitable for treating premature ejaculation. Though, this assumption is still an open question that requires further researches to confirm the result.

16. Diabetes

Along with those benefits such as blood purification, clove oil can help restrain the blood sugar level, making it very valuable to patients who have to suffer from diabetes. Many studies have concluded that the glucose response mechanisms and postprandial insulin are easier to be controlled when clove oil puts its effects on the body’s systems. The best explain for these benefits of clove oil is the phenol concentration discovered in clove oil, which actually is one of the greatest spice plants among its general type.

17. Insect Repellent

One of the benefits of clove oil is the ability to repel insect. It is often used as an important component in insect-repelling candles and bug repellent due to the fact that the vapor is very powerful for the all olfactory senses of most insects. Occasionally, one or two drops of the clove oil were applied to the bed sheets at night to stay away from the bugs.

To make this solution, let mix from 5 to 10 drops of clove essential oil with 8 oz. of petroleum jelly. Then, apply it directly on the face, legs, and hands before getting out of the house. Another tip on how to use clove oil has been released. Do you find it useful?

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18. Cosmetics

You may know or not but clove oil often appears in the ingredient lists of many cosmetic creams and lotions. The benefits of clove oil have confirmed its position in cosmetic producers. It is commonly assessed as the good massage oil that offers relief from pain and stress. Up to now, you have been introduced 18 ways on how to use clove oil for a toothache, bad breath, PE, and more. You should consider and apply our suggestion in the right situation.

19. Flavoring Agent

Along with the benefits of clove oil for health based on its digestive properties, this oil is also used to food items thanks to its rich flavor. Now we will show you how to use clove oil to turn this benefit into reality. From ages ago, clove oil has been common items appearing in the ancient Indian. Clove oil is proved to be strongly aromatic and contains flavonoids constituent, according to a study investigating the benefits of five essential oils (including clove) [7]. It is added to a number of Indian dishes, sauces, spice cakes, pickles as well as many other cultural foods. Therefore, you are supposed to add this ingredient to our dishes for more benefits.

22. Soap

Due to its strong aroma, antiseptic properties, and soothing effect, clove oil is often put into the soap that people use every day. Its name can be found easily as an active ingredient.

23. Perfumes

how to use clove oil

Clove oil is also applied in making perfumes due to its unique and powerful aroma. That is another tip on how to use clove oil for health.

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24. Clove Oil For Candida

One more way on how to use clove oil for health is to fight candida. A study published in the journal, Oral Microbiology & Immunology, has been supposed to see how it performed against other anti-fungal treatments. The result observed has revealed that clove oil was as helpful as nystatin, a common drug that is recommended to control yeast infections happening in the mouth (thrush) and provides a few ugly side effects.

Also, along with eliminating candida, the powerful clove essential oil is wonderful at killing intestinal parasites as well as an effective remedy for an immediate parasite cleanse. To create a candida cleanse, you can use clove oil internally for 2 weeks. However, it is advised that you should ask for the care of a nutritionist or physician when doing this. Also, remember to consume a huge amount of probiotic-rich foods along with eliminating processed sugar and graining for a time.

Actually, how to use clove oil for health is an interesting topic so that you should keep track on it.

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25. Breath Freshener

There is no shortage of tips on how to use clove oil. Clove oil’s spicy aroma can benefit us by acting as an immediate breath freshener. Study shows that it is truly the antimicrobial property that provides the lasting effect. You just need only a dilute suspension for this.

All you need to do is mix 2 drops each of peppermint essential and clove oils in a cup full of water. Add a small amount stevia extract to taste better (optional). Next, pour the all-natural mouth freshener into pocket-sized spritzing bottles and use as needed.

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26. Cancer

Cancer prevention is another answer for the topic how to use clove oil. Many people strongly believe that the clove oil is helpful in preventing as well as treating cancer. Though, the American Cancer Society clearly states that right now, there is not enough scientific evidence to make a decision about the remedial properties of clove oil. Moreover, it is also declared by many that the clove oil is effective in treating viral hepatitis, yet again; further research is required to confirm the assumption.

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The benefits of clove oil and tips on how to use clove oil for a toothache, bad breath, premature ejaculation, cancer, and more have impressed people and there is no sign that it will stop in the future. Many studies are being conducted to find out more about the benefits of clove oil to improve the treatment process. It is obvious that the powerful natural remedy with its rich properties has totally outweighed other medication. From health problem treatment to a specific ingredient in cooking and cosmetics, the benefits of clove oil is getting longer over time. Therefore, keep your eyes on the clove oil because maybe in future, there will be more extraordinary aspects of this essential oil getting revealed.  If you know more about the topic how to use clove oil for health, please share with us. For more information, please visit the main page How To.